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Letter to the Members

To the members of the CPA,


The Association takes this opportunity to relay the following message to the membership concerning the recent survey results and leadership concerns within the executive command of the CPS. When those with courage and fortitude shine a light into the dark corners of a public institution, it often provokes a dramatic response from those that have benefited from the status quo. There are those that would want to capitalize on this, pitting the membership against the police service. We will not fall prey to this.

The Association is proud of how the members have remained professional throughout this difficult moment; and, we know you will continue to do so, as leaders and role models in our community. 

Your Executives remain available, as always, to assist any of you that may feel they are being targeted for their membership in the Association.  We remain steadfast in our commitment to continue exposing those that are responsible for the damage that they have caused to the profession of policing.

In unity

You’re Executives

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